Explanation of Services

Rates are typically charged hourly or at a day rate for recording and editing. Mixing is priced per song or collection. If you have a large project, or if you have projects that are continuous work, contact us for project rates! We like to stay busy. Especially if we like you.


This is the step where the artist is actually recording their instrument or voice. This is the part that most people think of when they hear "recording studio". We have worked with a large variety of instruments and styles. And if we haven't, no time like the present!


This is where we clean up the tracks. Removing noise and unnecessary sounds from the recording to make the most music shine through. Drum editing to get everything solid. This is also where we will use pitch correction and timing tools for vocals. Or in things such as audio books, this is where we would take out mouth noises, page turning, etc. as well as adjust the pacing of the narration and add mic noise between edits so that the listener doesn't get pulled out of the experience.


Mixing is the part of the process to which we take the recorded tracks and make it a cohesive unit. This includes leveling out the instruments and vocals, adjusting the panning (where in the stereo spectrum each piece fits), compression, EQ, and dynamic adjustments, as well as spacial things like reverb, delay, etc. This is where we take the recording that sounded good and make it sound awesome. You didn't track here? Maybe even tracked it at home? We can mix songs from the outside too! In fact, we enjoy it, as it gives us a chance to help make something better for your final product. Have you bought CD's from local bands and been severely disappointed? Don't let that be you. DIY as much as you like. Once you have passed your experience though, have someone that knows how to make it better get their hands on it. Don't lose fans skimping on the final steps. They deserve quality. And let's face it... you do too! You worked hard to get to this point! We stand by this so much that we are not charging hourly for mixing. We charge per song. And chances are we are putting in more time than you are paying for, as we want your product to shine. If you have large projects, let us know. We can work project rates when it is feasible with our open time. What do you get? We mix the song. Then we send it to you for notes of what (if anything) you want changed. We then fix those things. We repeat this twice. With the project rate, keep in mind that it is only two revisions after the initial mix. This is to keep us all from going down the rabbit hole. Art is never perfect, and we will always want to change something. This is why we limit the fixes. Not to stifle, but to have a clear stopping point. Otherwise you can get caught up in little things that only you will hear, but push your release months (even years) behind. Record, mix, finish, and release! Your fans don't want reasons it isn't done... They want it in their player!


Mastering is the final step before the album is pressed and/or released digitally. This is like the icing on the cake. The recordings were solid. The mix is clean, clear, and carries the emotion that it should. Mastering adds the shine, radio levels, and cohesiveness to the album. If each song is a chapter in a book, mastering is making sure the chapters flow well and make a good read. Note: Mastering is not an hourly rate. Mastering is $10 per minute of recorded music. i.e. A 10 song album of 5 minute songs would be $500. A 5 song EP of 4 minute songs would be $200. Etc.

Artist development:

When you want to take your work to the next level, we have more than 15 years of experience with songwriting and instrumentation, as well as how to put these into practice. Sometimes we are too close to our own work. Others need an outside ear to help find their way back on track. We can help.